Usertimes Solutions GmbH

As a young startup in UX and AI, we are working on an innovative web platform to support UX teams. With our tool, knowledge can be extracted from texts and videos, organized and networked to gain new insights, support hypotheses, and ultimately build great digital products.

Gründungsjahr Icon2017 gegründet
Mitarbeiter Icon1-24 Mitarbeiter
Unternehmensbranche IconIT
Unternehmensgröße IconStartup

So arbeiten wir

We maintain a calm and effective working atmosphere, lots of personal exchange, open one-on-one meetings for lots of feedback and learning progress, and smaller evening events for social exchange.

Flache HierarchienFlache Hierarchien
Onboarding ProgrammOnboarding Programm
Regelmäßige FeedbackgesprächeRegelmäßige Feedbackgespräche
Internationale KollegenInternationale Kollegen
Legere KleidungLegere Kleidung
Quereinsteiger willkommenQuereinsteiger willkommen
Tools und Tech Stack
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows

Unser Standort

We don't have "one" spot where we are based. As a full-remote company, we're widespread over Germany and from time to time even to other countries. The official headquarters is in Karlsruhe. However, 3-4 times a year, we meet each other in person at different spots.

Unser Büro

We are a full-remote company - so everyone works from home. We support everyone in the setup of their workspace and work environment. To maintain a good working atmosphere, we introduced several habits, events, and meetings.

Haustiere erlaubtHaustiere erlaubt
Individuelle RaumgestaltungIndividuelle Raumgestaltung
Eigenes Arbeitsgerät erlaubtEigenes Arbeitsgerät erlaubt
100% Remote-Teams100% Remote-Teams
Homeoffice möglichHomeoffice möglich
Team 2020

Vorteile bei uns

Working in a truly remote environment brings in many advantages. One of them is the variety of opportunities of life design: Being flexible in location, schedule, and working hours lead is crucial. In addition, based on these deep work, power breaks, hobbies, and time with your family and friends fit even more into your job. And it is good for all of us.

Bezahlte Weiterbildung Bezahlte Weiterbildung
Gleitzeit Gleitzeit
Ehrenamtlich engagiertEhrenamtlich engagiert
Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
Musik am Arbeitsplatz erlaubtMusik am Arbeitsplatz erlaubt
Freie WochenendenFreie Wochenenden

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