AgriPlace BV

We are an innovative company in the heart of Amsterdam which contributes to the worldwide sustainable food production by digitalization of compliance elements in the chain. We created a cloud-based solution to unite producers, marketing organizations, retail and foodservice companies. Our platform enables to streamline the compliance process and manage compliance documents in a safe and efficient way. We are currently operational in the Netherlands and now expanding internationally.

Mitarbeiter Icon1-24 Mitarbeiter
Unternehmensbranche IconAgrar- und Ressourcenwirtschaft
Unternehmensgröße IconStartup
Office space and multifunctional meeting table/ping pong table
Team dinner February 2020

So arbeiten wir

Environment and spirit of startup in Amsterdam and remotely in different places. Possibility to work from home and remote. Young international team with challenging ambitions to contribute to improvements of the Agricultural chain. Down to Earth mentality and daily ping pong between work.

Agiles ArbeitenAgiles Arbeiten
Legere KleidungLegere Kleidung
Internationale KollegenInternationale Kollegen
Tools und Tech Stack
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows

Our Values

The platform development is driven by our 4 core values. Sustainability & Transparency It is our goal to provide all actors in the supply chain with practical and cost-efficient solutions and help you to manage and monitor your compliance process and manage your compliance documents. In this way, we want to contribute to sustainable and transparent food supply chains. Partnership We believe that only if all partners in the supply chain work together, sustainable and social just food production and consumption can be realized. That is why we always develop our solutions in collaboration with our partners and users. We want to strengthen the position of farmers and farmers should be rewarded for improving their sustainable practices. Integrity We are all about compliance data. And data is a valuable good. All documents and data you add to AgriPlace is owned by you as a user. We treat the information entrusted to us by our clients with the greatest care. Only the user decides what happens to the documents and data and with whom it is shared. An integer relationship is at the core of all our work and client relations. Simplify We are a simplifier. We are a partner that makes less out of more. We are here to guide our partners and users into the world of certification and compliance and prepare them for a future in which data and technology is the key. We are here to simplify and offer concise and understandable information, advice and services.

Unser Standort

Our office is located in the Amsterdam city centre.

Supermarkt in der UmgebungSupermarkt in der Umgebung
Gute Anbindung an ÖPNVGute Anbindung an ÖPNV
Restaurants in der UmgebungRestaurants in der Umgebung

Unser Büro

We have a small office with 10 desk in one room and a separate meeting room. In the middle of the room is our meeting table, also used as a ping pong table.

Flexible ArbeitsplätzeFlexible Arbeitsplätze
Homeoffice möglichHomeoffice möglich
Fruit Logistica Berlin February 2020

Vorteile bei uns

We are an international team with challenging ambitions to contribute to improvements of the Agricultural chain. We have a down to Earth mentality and with a daily ping pong between work we are relaxed and focussed.

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