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Getting contacted from Companies: Job Invitations with Campusjäger

Perhaps you discovered the feature "Job Invitations" (Jobeinladungen) in your Campusjäger profile and wondered what's the purpose of it. In this article, we explain how you can easily get contacted from companies and show you the advantages of the active candidate search. If you're not yet sure how the application process with Campusjäger works, you can visit this article first.


Meaning of the feature Job Invitations: How does the active candidate search work?

With the feature Job Invitations you can be found from recruiters with your Campusjäger profile and be alerted to interesting jobs. Companies have the possibility to actively find suitable candidates with the candidate search.

This is how it works: For each job that a company has published, candidates are proposed to the HR manager. The matching of the suggestions is based on your knowledge and skills from your CV and your adjusted search profile. In this profile, you can determine what you're looking for (for example: permanent position in software development) and in which region you would like to work.

More about search profiles and how you can improve your job search with them, can be found here.

If your knowledge and skills and your search profile fit to the open position, you will be proposed as a suitable candidate to the company. The HR manager can then directly contact you in case he's interested. You receive an e-mail and a notification via the bell in profile. You can either accept the invitation to get in touch with the company or decline if you're not interested.

This information is visible to companies if you use Job Invitations

The CV, which you've uploaded to Campusjäger, is the basis for the matching of job invitations. Even though your CV is automatically imported into the platform, you should double-check your data.

Initially, the company can only see your first name and the initial of your family name. So, you don't have to worry about contact details being visible to every employer that uses the platform.

These sections from your Campusjäger-CV are visible for the HR manager:

  • Career goal
  • Language skills
  • Other Skills
  • Practical experience
  • Education

Therefore, only the key data from your CV are in the overview. Other uploaded documents from your profile, for example transcript of records or certificates, are not shown in the candidate search.

This is how it looks if you appear in the candidate search:


Candidate Search


These are the advantages of Job Invitations

If you receive a job invitation, the company shows interest in your profile. The HR manager already knows the important facts from your CV and thinks that you could go well together. This gives you a good feeling even before the first contact and can motivate you with your application.

More reasons why the candidate search is worth giving a try:

  • New perspectives: You will encounter companies that you haven't known before and might not have found.
  • Simplified application: Not only do you have to actively look for open positions, you also get recommendations for suitable positions.
  • Data protection: Companies don't see your contact details and further documents. If you're not interested, you can simply decline the invitation and the company doesn't get access to your contact details.

So you see: You can only benefit from the candidate search. Find out how you make the best use of the feature in the next section.

How do I use the feature Job Invitations?

After your profile has been checked by us, you're ready to receive job invitations from companies. If you registered before April 2020, you need to activate the feature in the settings.

Log on to Campusjäger and open the menu settings which can be found under your name. On the left-hand side, you can see the different subitems. One of them is called "Job Invitations" (Jobeinladungen). If the controller is highlighted in colour, the feature is active for you.

It will look like that:




To get the best out of the feature, it is recommended to constantly keep your profile at Campusjäger up to date. This will also increase your chances of job invitations. Besides that, a well-set search profile helps you to receive enquiries from companies that suit your interests.

You've just finished a software development internship and you could gain some experience in JavaScript? Add that to your CV and maybe there will soon be a new professional opportunity.

Application during a permanent position

Of course you can also make use of the feature job invitations if you want to reorient yourself professionally. However, note that your current employer may be able to find you if the company is represented on the platform. If you don't want that, you can unsubscribe from the search.

Your chances of further matchings also increase if you respond promptly to messages. Therefore, remember to regularly reply to messages from recruiters in your profile. After all, you're also happy to get quick feedback on your application. :) 

Conclusion: The most important things summarised

  • With the feature job invitations, companies can see the key data from your profile and are able to contact you if you fit well to open job positions.
  • If you registered with Campusjäger before April 2020, the feature is automatically activated. If you're unsure, you can look it up in your profile under the menu item settings.
  • With a job invitation, the HR manager shows direct interest in you and your profile. The company thinks that you could go well together and would like to meet you.
  • With the active candidate search, you also become aware of companies that you haven't known which opens up new possibilities.
  • If, despite all the advantages, you wish not to use the candidate search, you can unsubscribe from the search in the settings of your profile.
  • To make the best use of it, you should keep your profile on Campusjäger and your search profile up to date.

You can find more tips and important features about the application on the platform here.

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