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Everything You Need To Know About The Application With Campusjäger

Campusjäger is a career platform for students and graduates which takes over the recruiting for different companies. We made it our mission to get you an exciting job and support you throughout the whole application process. You want to know how we do that? Learn here everything about the application with Campusjäger.


Application with Campusjäger – Easy and free of charge

You probably know the following situation: You found a job advertisement and think you would be the perfect candidate for the job. But how do you start your motivational letter and persuade the recruiter with your skills in just a few sentences?

You don't have that problem with Campusjäger, since you just have to answer three questions for the job and therefore there is no need for a motivational letter. After you've uploaded your CV, you can easily apply for different companies that are verified by us. And even better: You have a personal contact at Campusjäger who helps you communicating with companies and offers support if you have any questions. All of that is completely free of charge for you as an applicant.

Find job advertisements in just three steps according to your interests and skills:

Application Process via Campusjäger

You can also narrow down your search by adding a further location or expanding your search radius. Besides that, you can exclude areas that you're not interested in.

You want to have all your relevant results the next time you log on to Campusjäger? Then you can save your search by adding a search profile.Application Process Campusjäger

Just indicate your e-mail address and you will be updated regularly about job advertisements that fit to your search profile.

Application Process Campusjäger

If you click on "Save search" (Suche speichern), you also create a profile at Campusjäger. You can set a password for your account by following the link in the confirmation e-mail. In the settings, you can determine how often you want to get informed about interesting jobs. You also have the possibility to save several search profiles. This might be beneficial if you look for internships and permanent positions or if you search for a job in different cities.

Apply with just a few clicks

Click the button "Apply now" (Jetzt bewerben) if you've found a suitable job.

Application Process Campusjäger

After clicking on that button, you come to a mask where you have to enter your contact details. There are two possibilities: Either you already have an account and you log in or you register on the platform.

Application Process Campusjäger

If you already have an account

Scroll to the bottom of the page "Contact details" (Kontaktdaten) and click on "Log in" (Log dich ein). After that you can fill in your application and answer the questions for the vacancy. After you've filled in all required fields, a check mark appears next to the heading "Application" (Bewerbung). You can now send off your application.

Application Process Campusjäger

If you don't have an account yet

That's how easy it is to register on Campusjäger:

Application Process Campusjäger

Important note:

Make sure you have your CV in PDF format ready. It's your business card and most important basis for decision-making for the company. Even though your CV is automatically imported into the platform, you should double-check your data. You can also upload further performance records like transcripts and certificates. However, please be aware that all documents are visible to every company to which you applied. We also recommend to set up a search profile, because otherwise e-mails with job suggestions are based on your last search.

How we support you after your application

Once you're application is processed, the company will notify you via the platform. You can see the status of your application at any time if you click on the button "Application" (Bewerbung). Here you can find an overview of all your applications.

Application Process Campusjäger

You have the option of editing or withdrawing your application. If you wish to justify your decision, you can add add a message. You will receive notifications via the bell if the status of your application changes. The chat can be used once the company initiated it. Video calls are possible as well. The call room is permanently open and can also be used for job interviews, for example.

Application Process Campusjäger

Job Interview

Congratulations, the first step of your application was successful and the company would like to get to know you. There is no need to be nervous.

Via the platform you get proposed dates that you can accept. Alternatively, you can make counterproposals if the timing doesn't suit you.

Application Process Campusjäger

Important settings that help you to use Campusjäger even better

You can find the following features in the settings of your profile.

  • E-mail notifications: Here you can determine how often you want to get informed about fitting job suggestions.
  • Put account to sleep: You're no longer looking for a job and don't want to get contacted at the moment? No problem. You can put your account to sleep. Once you log in again, you will get asked if you want to reactivate your account.

Application Process Campusjäger

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Entdecke jetzt 2843 Praktika, Werkstudentenjobs, Berufseinstiege und Abschlussarbeiten bei spannenden Unternehmen.

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